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Frequently Asked Questions:

I don't see the submit button.
The submit button will only appear once you've entered all of your phone number digits, your first name, all 6 characters of your password, and all 4 numbers in the speaker verification code. If any of these fields is not filled in completely, the submit button will remain disabled.
I have a MAC and the survey isn't working.
First, download and install this free FLASH player software. Then, find the file "START_SURVEY.swf" on your CD-ROM. Click on this file and select "Open With". Then choose the "SWF Player".
When I click on the PLAY button next to the Speaker Verification Code, the timer displays :00 and doesn't move. I hear nothing.
XP USERS: You need to install the latest FLASH player. Go to this site using your Internet Explorer browser: It's important that you use Internet Explorer rather than some other browser because IE will install FLASH where it needs to be for our program. Other browsers will not do this.

This means that the survey software cannot connect to the internet for some reason. Check your internet connection.

It could also mean that a software firewall is blocking the program's access to the internet. Click "ALLOW" if you see a window that asks if you want to block the connection.

**Your security software will recommend that you block this program. Do not click "BLOCK". It will prevent you from taking the survey.**

Otherwise, locate your firewall software in your system tray and temporarily disable it for the duration of the survey.
What is Speaker Verification?
To ensure that your speakers are working properly, we require you to enter the code you hear through your speakers.
When I click on the PLAY button to hear the Speaker Verification Code, the program abruptly stops and closes completely.
We've seen this happen with Norton Internet Security software running in the background. When you click "Play", the software is going out to the internet to download an audio file. Norton sees this as a potentially dangerous internet activity and closes the program for you. To prevent this problem, go to your system tray and open your Norton Internet Security control panel. Disable all computer protection services and firewalls. Then try to run our program again. You can enable all these services again after you complete our survey.
When do we get paid?
Once you have completed the entire survey, we will validate your data and process your payment. You should receive your payment within 4 - 6 weeks.
How much do I get paid?
You will learn how much you will earn during the recruiting process.
The CD doesn't start automatically. How do I start the survey?
Double-click on "My Computer". Click on the CD Drive that is labeled "MUSIC SURVEY". Then double click on "START_SURVEY.EXE".
Who is sponsoring this study?
To maintain the highest quality and to enable you to participate again in the future, the sponsor of this survey will not be revealed. However, based on your responses during the screening process, chances are the sponsor is a station you listen to.
What kind of music will I be listening to?
Listener Power Online Music Research represents different kinds of music stations all over the world. Going through the qualifications process helps us determine if your tastes in music fit the study we are conducting in your area.
When I try to log in, I see a message that tells me this program is attempting to communicate to the server. This is a potentially unsafe operation. Is it safe?
Yes. This warning is alerting you that the music survey program needs to communicate with our server so that we can receive your responses. If you do not enable our survey to connect online, you will not be able to participate.
Why does it take a while for the music to start?
Because we do not install any software on your computer, all of the music is on the CD. It takes a few seconds for your computer's CD drive to start spinning at high speed before the music plays.
How long will the survey take to complete? The time depends on how many breaks you take during the survey. However, If you were to take the survey in one sitting, it would take approximately 2 to 2 and a half hours.
What if I can't finish the survey in one sitting?
That's OK. However, you need to complete the entire survey within 5 days of receiving the CD in order to get paid.
What if I don't complete the entire survey? Unfortunately, if you do not complete the survey within the allotted amount of time, the responses you have provided will not count and you will not be compensated.
Is any software being installed on my computer?
No. We will not install any of our software on your computer. The entire survey runs directly from the data contained on your CD.
Can other people in my family participate? The only person eligible to participate is the one who was recruited for this study.
Why does the word 'Saving' blink for a long time after I answer a question?
Most of the time, sending your response to our server will take only a fraction of a second to just a couple of seconds. Depending on your internet connection speed and traffic congestion on the internet, it may take several seconds for your responses to be sent to our server. The word 'Saving' will blink until your response is saved.
I can't hear any music. Check to see that your speakers are turned on and the volume is turned up. Keep in mind that you may have set your computer's volume to mute. You can change your settings in the Windows Control Panel.
I have not received my password by email after I qualified for the music survey.
You can click here to retrieve your password by email. Or check the letter that came with your CD. Your password is contained in the letter.
What happens if I don't receive my CD in 3 to 4 days? Let us know so we can send you a new CD. Click here and fill out the email form.
I can't log back in after completing a portion of the survey.
One of these things may have happened. Either you answered a question incorrectly or you have taken longer than the allotted amount of time to take the survey. If you answered a question incorrectly by accident, please contact us and let us know.
I can't log in. I am getting error messages when clicking 'Submit'. Make sure that you have entered your phone number, name, password and speaker verification code correctly. You may also see an error message if you have taken too long to complete the survey.

If you do not find help for your particular problem above, please contact us and we will be happy to help you within 24 hours.

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