What's it like to take an Online Music Survey?

All participants are interviewed over the phone or fill out a form online. If you qualify and are invited to participate, we will either mail a CD-ROM to you or send an email with a link to download the survey. Simply insert the CD-ROM into your computer or open the survey file. The survey screen will automatically appear. After you log-in, the survey will begin. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet and that your speakers are working, or the log-in process will not work.

During the music portion of the survey, you will hear many short clips of songs. Tell us how you feel about each song by moving a slider on your screen using your mouse or touchpad. Here's a movie of an actual music survey:

After your survey is complete, you can discard the CD or delete the survey file. Since no software is loaded at anytime, you will not need to uninstall anything.

We will present the opinions we collect from people like you to radio stations in your area. They use this information to improve their programming to better match the tastes of their local listeners.

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